Explore 1,800+ Colleges and Universities on the FTRC Map

Did you know there are 1,800+ four-year colleges and universities in the US? It’s not realistic to know them all, much less what makes each one distinctive. How are Miami University and the University of Miami similar to one another… or more importantly, wildly different from one another? And then, who can keep straight that […]

Considering a Gap Year? Maybe You Should (Part 2)

Note: This post is a companion post to Considering a Gap Year? Maybe You Should (Part 1). Twenty-two year old Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray (University of Oklahoma) will decide soon whether he’ll go pro as a football or baseball player. That’s a huge professional choice forced on him at a young age. I bet […]

7 Questions To Ask To Find a College Where You Thrive

It’s crazy hard to get into Yale or Harvard or any other elite university. There’s no mistaking that. And the media loves stories about single digit acceptance rates (see, e.g., Washington Post | New York Times) and students with straight A’s or perfect SAT scores who get denied from Stanford, Princeton, Duke, and the like. […]