To Find The Right College, Get To Know Yourself First

Before you begin narrowing down your list of colleges, take time to get to know yourself. What drives you as a student? What is your personality like? What are your interests and goals? Where can you imagine yourself next year? Knowing yourself will help you to forge a clearer, more certain path as you search […]

Three Free Self-Assessment Tests To Find the Right College

We advise students to start their college search by taking a self-assessment test. Fortunately, there are a number of self-assessment tests available online for free and they are specifically designed to guide your college search and help you determine what type of college learning community is most appropriate for you. Here are three of our […]

7 Steps To Connect With Your Admissions Counselor

Here is a course of action you can follow to get on your Admissions Counselor’s radar. Please tread carefully. YOU DO NOT WANT TO STANDOUT FOR THE WRONG REASONS! That means: Be polite. Respect their time. Proofread your correspondence. With these guidelines in mind, we encourage you to connect with the Admissions Counselors at the […]

Demonstrate Your Interest to Colleges on Your List

Grade point average, strength of curriculum, standardized test scores, essays, activities, recommendation letters. These are many of the criteria that are used to measure a student’s academic strengths and personal qualifications for college admissions. But there is another important factor that colleges often use as an additional important reference point: demonstrated interest. What is demonstrated […]