Considering a Gap Year? Maybe You Should (Part 2)

Note: This post is a companion post to Considering a Gap Year? Maybe You Should (Part 1). Twenty-two year old Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray (University of Oklahoma) will decide soon whether he’ll go pro as a football or baseball player. That’s a huge professional choice forced on him at a young age. I bet […]

7 Questions To Ask To Find a College Where You Thrive

It’s crazy hard to get into Yale or Harvard or any other elite university. There’s no mistaking that. And the media loves stories about single digit acceptance rates (see, e.g., Washington Post | New York Times) and students with straight A’s or perfect SAT scores who get denied from Stanford, Princeton, Duke, and the like. […]

College Application Pep Talk: 5 Tips For a Strong Finish

For high school students, the first semester of senior year is crazy, stressful and all kinds of other things. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, most seniors applying to college feel only one thing right now: exhaustion. Nevertheless, now is the time for a final push! Parents frequently ask me for advice to help their kids […]

To Find The Right College, Get To Know Yourself First

Before you begin narrowing down your list of colleges, take time to get to know yourself. What drives you as a student? What is your personality like? What are your interests and goals? Where can you imagine yourself next year? Knowing yourself will help you to forge a clearer, more certain path as you search […]

Three Free Self-Assessment Tests To Find the Right College

We advise students to start their college search by taking a self-assessment test. Fortunately, there are a number of self-assessment tests available online for free and they are specifically designed to guide your college search and help you determine what type of college learning community is most appropriate for you. Here are three of our […]

Demonstrate Your Interest to Colleges on Your List

Grade point average, strength of curriculum, standardized test scores, essays, activities, recommendation letters. These are many of the criteria that are used to measure a student’s academic strengths and personal qualifications for college admissions. But there is another important factor that colleges often use as an additional important reference point: demonstrated interest. What is demonstrated […]

When Your Dream School is Calling

I still remember the way I felt the first time I walked onto the University of Virginia campus more than 20 years ago.  Golden with sunshine, history, and tradition, the school felt like the only place I could possibly be happy spending my undergraduate years. In 7th and 8th grades, I had prominently displayed my Duke paraphernalia all […]

Advice to High School Seniors, by Patrick Shea (Class of 2018)

Guest Post by Patrick Shea. Patrick graduated from high school in 2018 and is a rising freshman at Providence College. Heading into the college process can be kind of stressful, especially piling it on top of school. It just kind of hangs over your head like a cloud and adds just a little bit to […]

Get To Know Your School's College Career Counselor

This week, February 5-9, is National School Counselor Week, though few people realize it. This makes sense, because, in general, I find school counselors to be humble individuals.It takes a special type of person to be able to effectively counsel a distressed student or parent, create every student’s schedule, and also write letters of recommendation […]

"Fair" Thee Well: How to Make the Most of a College Fair

Many people think of fall as football season, but I think of it as college fair season. College fairs can be a great way to research colleges you know you are interested in and to meet some schools you haven’t yet considered. But getting the most out of a college fair means going in prepared. […]

When Things Get Stressful, Don't Lose Perspective

For many college-bound students, the spring semester and the summer following it will be their last months living at home as a child with their parents. This marks the beginning of your entrance into adulthood. Many students in the fall semester are focused on completing applications, taking the SAT or ACT, and making good grades […]

Dealing with Waitlists and Deferrals

Colleges turn to giving you a Deferral or a Waitlist decision due to some level of uncertainty about your application. Three main uncertainties drive these decisions. 1. Broad Uncertainty The admissions team may not yet knowing enough about their application pool to understand how you compare to their other applicants. This scenario tends to result […]

Wait — a Resume? For College?

If you haven’t applied to college recently, you might be surprised to find something there that wasn’t before — a resume. Whereas this used to be something that was developed after college and when on the job hunt, colleges and universities are finding them helpful in making their final decisions. Every Spring, most of my juniors […]